Top 5 Mobile SEO Strategies That Work

Mar 3, 2014 | Posted in: Internet Marketing, Mobile, SEO

Today searches via mobile device are increases, and experts are declaring that mobile searchers will continue to increase going forward. 1 in 3 Google searches are now mobile. Mobile SEO is more important than every now. I am sure at … Continue reading

What is Conversion Optimization?

Oct 29, 2013 | Posted in: Conversion Optimization, Internet Marketing, Other, Validation

What is conversion optimization? When answering the question “What is conversion optimization”, a definition is an excellent place to start. Conversion optimization is defined as the method of creating an experience for an individual visiting a website with the goal of increasing … Continue reading

Another Amazing SEO Review for Longevity Graphics

| Posted in: Community, Conversion Optimization, Internet Marketing, Link Building, SEO, Web Design

The SEO Project Details The Last Door contracted Longevity Graphics 2 years ago to help with organic SEO, Paid Advertising optimization, and landing page creation/onsite conversion optimization. The goal of the original contract was to increase traffic by 200%. We … Continue reading

Google: What is the hummingbird update? A Vancouver SEO Company’s Take on Google’s New Hummingbird Update

Oct 8, 2013 | Posted in: Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

What is the hummingbird update? So, what is the Hummingbird update? The Hummingbird update is Google’s newest attempt to streamline their search engine and create a more user friendly service. Hummingbird is designed to yield more precise search results, and … Continue reading

What Is SEO?

Aug 16, 2013 | Posted in: Internet Marketing, Key Words, Link Building, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

 What is SEO? Clients who have not done SEO before often have no idea what the term means or what the acronym even stands for. In this post, I will explain what SEO is and why it’s important for any … Continue reading